Transformer Garden Sculpture

Dimensions: 3 ft. High X 2 ft. Wide 1/8" steel plate
Comments: This was made for a woman whose husband is a
complete transformer nut. He just had open
heart surgery and this is for his forthcoming
birthday (hence the heart cutout).

Three Heron Scene

Dancing Girl


Cormorant Drying

Preening Heron

Mature and Immature
Herons Walking

Himalayan Cats

Osprey with Trout

Kinetic Wind Indicator
Atlantic Cod Fish

Yin Yang 
Horse raring position

Great Blue Herons In Flight
Wings Up and Down

Garden Nun

Silhouette of Great Blue Heron
Hunching after meal

Great Bald Eagle

Mermaid Wind Indicator

Dance of Joy
(Each person dancing)

Feeding Time

Sitting Howling Wolf

Ball Room Dancer
Wind Indicator

Soaring Pelican

Golden Puppy
Chasing Butterflies

10-Point Buck


4 Crows Silhouette

Polar Bear

Saint Francis

Abenaki Indian

Great Blue Heron

Wide Mouth Bass




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